Child Custody


If you and your spouse or partner are breaking up, how you talk to each other and to your children can make a big difference. Try to think about the other parent as a business partner. Acting "businesslike" might help get your mind off the pain and stress so you can focus better on your children.

Here are some tips:

  • Be polite, just like you would be at work.
  • Stay on the subject. Focus on doing what is best for your child.
  • Control your emotions, just like you would do at work.
  • Be clear and specific when you talk to the other parent. Write things down and keep businesslike records of important agreements.
  • Keep your promises. Your children need to be able to trust and rely on you. This is very important right now.
  • Watch the words you use when you talk about separation or divorce.

If you are parents who have decided to end your marriage and want to help your children during this difficult time, there are many resources available. One website that might be helpful to you is: