Videos with General Information About the Courts

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The court system is the place where people go when they need help in settling differences of various kinds.  However, the court system has its own set of rules and regulations – even its own words, sometimes – that can be confusing. 

In this section there are some short videos with general information about how California’s court system works. 

It is hoped that these videos will help you understand how the court can help you.

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General Information about the Courts

Your Day in Court Opens new window
Producer: Avid International
Kern County, California
Length: 8:45 minutes
Year: 2008
Su Día en Corte Opens new window
Productor: Avid Internacional
Kern County, California
Duración: 8:45 minutos
Año: 2008

Before You Go to Court
(4:20 minutes)
Antes de comenzar su caso
(4:24 minutes)

Paperwork Basics
legal documents
(14:33 minutes)
Principios básicos
de documentos legales
(13:11 minutes)

(3:58 minutes)
Jurisdiccion: Donde, Cuando y Cuanto?
(4:38 minutes)

Service of Process
(4:40 minutes)
Entrega legal
(5:29 minutes)

Tips on Going to Court
(5:45 minutes)
Consejos para ir a la corte
(5:42 minutes)

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