Parentage – What is it?

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Parents with babyIn California, when a woman gives birth to a child she is almost always the legal mother of that child.  She has rights-- and duties -- for the child.  Paternity means fatherhood, and for a father it is different.  Every child has a biological father, but if the father has never been married to the mother and his paternity has not been legally established, most likely he will not have any rights -- or duties -- for the child.

A parentage case is the means to officially and legally determine who the parents of the child are. These are often called "paternity cases" because they usually seek to establish a man as the legal father.

In this section you will find information about what to do if:

It will help you understand what to do:

BEFORE starting a parentage case

DURING a legal proceeding

AFTER a legal proceeding

This section also has answers for your Frequently Asked Questions about parentage, and information about the forms you will need for your case.

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